I have worked with Mr Tosti for 2 personal injury cases of mine and I cant say I have any major complaints at all. I was introduced to him in the summer of 2010 after having been rear ended on the 22-W. He immediately suggested I get examined by a doctor which I did and after that it was recommended for me to get chiropractic treatment. Tosti then referred me to Raymond Salvatore, an excellent chiropractor based out of Orange off Chapman and Haster. At the onset of my treatment I immediately grew a liking for Dr Salvatore. Till this day he has been as energetic, caring and professional as he was when I first meet him. During the time of my treatment I didn't need to worry about much at all. Tosti handled everything with the insurance companies and it took about a year for my case to finally settle. With every legal assistant Tosti had, I found it easy to communicate with them regarding my case. First it was Jeff, Sean and now James all of which promptly reply to my emails. I especially appreciated speaking directly face to face with Mr. Tosti each time I went in to start a new case rather than meet with his assistant. I just gave me more assurance. I've gone to offices where I don't even get to meet the attorney which bothered me. Overall, I think Tosti is a competent attorney who will do what he can to optimize your case and ensure you the proper treatment for your injuries.

~ Alicia H.

Mr Tosti is the best! He is very kind and highly respected. He is representing my sister and has done a superb job! Very positive experience! You won't be sorry. He was the first lawyer we interviewed and we stopped after meeting him.

~ David W.

Mr. Tosti is amazing. He handled our case 3+ years ago and made it simple and understandable. Something came up this year and I needed advice, he personally called me back to give me the info I needed. I would recommend him to ANYONE!
His staff is amazing as well!

~ Candace S., Tustin, CA