Dog Bites and Owner Liability

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A vicious dog attack is a frightening and dangerous experience. When it involves children it is can be particularly dangerous, resulting in serious facial bites and in some disastrous cases, disfigurement or even death. If you or a loved one has been attacked and bitten by a vicious dog, it is crucial that you contact a lawyer to assist you in the necessary legal action.

Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. Even if the animal has not shown aggressive tendencies in the past, an owner must take all necessary precautions to protect the public from harm. When a dog attack occurs because an individual failed to keep their animal contained to the house or in the backyard, or if they did not properly warn a child or adult visiting their property, they can be held liable for any resulting harm. If you or your child suffered injury because of owner negligence, do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Joseph M. Tosti for effective representation. The legal team has helped many individuals in successfully getting settlements, judgments, or verdicts compensating the victim for the injuries and damages.

How can I pursue compensation?

A skilled and knowledgeable Orange County injury attorney can review the details of your case to determine your options and advise you on how to move forward and take legal action against the negligent owner. Possible settlements are dependent upon the severity of the injuries and actions of the careless parties. Some injuries need extensive reconstructive surgery, and can leave victims and their families drowning in medical expenses and lost wages during recovery. Whatever the details of your case are, the legal team would like to offer a free initial consultation about your case.

In any dog bite incident, it is critical that the case is documented. The most vital initial action is getting medical attention. It is also necessary to call law enforcement to report the incident. If possible, get the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who observed the attack, and take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible. Dog bites are very serious injuries, and it is crucial that you have legal representation from the Law Offices of Joseph M. Tosti to fight for the generous compensation you deserve!

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